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Sexual Exploration And Sexual Sexuality - 887 Words

The choice to engage in sexual exploration is a highly personal one, therefore, there is no ideal age to begin. In fact, for some people, sex may not be necessary for fulfilment. However, for both physical and mental health reasons, people should abstain from sexual exploration until after they reach sexual maturity. Although it is hard to define, I would suggest that for girls, this be measured by the onset of menarche, and for men, by testicular descent. Another matter to consider is: what constitutes sexual exploration? A kiss? Petting? For penetrative intercourse, it is best to wait until after the completion of puberty, since the developmental changes in the body are done and the brain is closer to maturity. Additionally, by that time, most people will be better informed about birth control options, enabling them to practice safe sex. Premarital sex is a perfectly ethical act when enjoyed by two people with mutual consent. However, both people must be on the same page regarding important issues, like whether or not birth control will be used. Frequency of sexual desire should not be used to determine moral character since different people have different needs. Unless an individual’s sex drive is indicative of a pathology (like sexual addiction), people should have as much (or as little) sex as they want. Finally, elderly people should engage in sex if they so wish. Barring a health affliction, I fail to see a reason as to why this would be ethically incorrect in anyShow MoreRelatedSexual Identity Exploration And Commitment911 Words   |  4 PagesThe very first item in the Measure of Sexual Identity Exploration and Commitment asks to evaluate on a six-point Likert-type scale ranging from 1 to 6 how firm of a sense I have of what my sexual needs are, penciling in a 4 where 6 delineate â€Å"very characteristic,† I begin to think of how much certainty is in my beliefs about sex and sexuality while knowing that the survey questions to follow w ill surely not be easy to answer with an absolute degree of confidence. Do I know what my preferences forRead MoreWomen s Gender And Gender Roles955 Words   |  4 Pageswhich was the result of subsequent lack of sexual aggressiveness (Cott 1987: 220). Passionlessness however was not simply a gendered characteristic it played a vital sexual as the controlling factor over hyper sexual husbands (Cott 1978: 235). The very structure of Victorian marriages relied on women s passionlessness because it supported women s demure and respectable nature in society, while also keeping men under control and containing sexuality to the home (Kushner, 9/25/15). The conceptRead MoreIs Human Sexuality The Result Of Nature Or Nurture?1153 Words   |  5 PagesIntroduction To Human Behaviour: †¨18435577†¨Ã¢â‚¬ ¨Ã¢â‚¬ ¨ To what extent is human sexuality the result of nature or nurture?†¨Ã¢â‚¬ ¨Ã¢â‚¬ ¨ The nature and nurture of the human sexuality has been a debate argued among researchers and scientists. With regards to human sexuality, both nature and nurture become an integral factor in making the sexual beings that we eventually get to be. From our hereditary inclinations to how our associates influence our advancement, our childhoods have a tendency to be one long trek intoRead MoreThe Theory Of Sexual Liberation1644 Words   |  7 Pages in that there is more open attitudes to diverse sexualities and certain sexual acts are no longer seen as taboo/perverse. It is seen that we are now free to choose and explore these sexualities. However monogamous heterosexual relationships are still seen as what is â€Å"normal† in society therefore if British society claims to be sexually liberated why is what is seen as traditional still the most common type of relationship? This theory of sexual liberation is favoured by Giddens (1992) who seesRead More`` An End Of Shame : Shaping Our Next Sexual Revolution1007 Words   |  5 Pageswell-known sociologist, has contributed greatly to the field of human sexuality and in the 1960’s brilliantly predicted the revolutionary changes in sexual attitudes. In his novel, An End to Shame: Shaping Our Next Sexual Revolution, Reiss develops the notion that our previous sexual revolution did not adequately eliminate the inequalities related to sexuality. In reality he argues that America is in need of a newly formed sexual revolution, one that will address the negative consequences that ourRead MoreAnalysis Of Foucault And Queer Theory 1211 Words   |  5 PagesIn Foucault and Queer Theory Spargo defines queer theory as a nebulous group of cultural criticism and analysis of social power structures relating to sexuality . It is these power structures and aspects of culture that are responsible for the discou rse that creates and informs ones understanding of gender, race, and sexuality. However these aspects of identity do not exist separately from one another, but are constructed in tandem throughout history. These layers of identity inform each otherRead MoreGender And The Practice Of Sexual Behavior1183 Words   |  5 Pagesdouble-standard between both genders and the practice of sexual behavior. The practice of sex was to be hidden from public opinion and the idea that sex has to be done in secrecy has carried over through centuries (Markey Markey 2007). For women, they are to embody all things ladylike which includes the practice of abstaining until marriage. For males, it is encouraged to explore their masculinity and not to apologize for their exploration. As society expands in the knowledge about sex throughRead MoreFreud s Theory Of Human Sexuality1641 Words   |  7 Pagesthe practice of sexual behavior is perceived differently by diverse worldviews and consists of a wi de range of activities (Hyde DeLamater, 2014). There has been a number of debates on whether or not the nature of human sexuality can be developed through genetics, imitated through socialization, influenced by unconscious decisions or if it can be altered after childhood. There are a variety of theories that have been created to help understand the uncertainty of how human sexuality is developed. UncoveringRead MoreThe Facts About Masturbation Essay1267 Words   |  6 Pages Alfred C. Kinsey is regarded as the first major figure in the research of human sexuality, more specifically masturbation. Kinsey was groundbreaking in his research on sexuality and made it possible to talk about sex. In the early 2000s, masturbation has become more accepted for both males and females yet there is still a stigma about discussing it openly (Wells, 2006). Societies and Cultures views on masturbation have changed over time and vary depending on who you are, where you are from, andRead MoreEssay about Treatment of Female Sexuality in Last Tango in Paris1685 Words   |  7 Pages Unrestrained female sexuality in popular media is regarded as something of a taboo. As a society, we are not used to the pleasure of women being portrayed on screen, despite our supposedly ‘equal’ society. Much of this is the inflection of sexism and the patriarchy, placed upon the minds of the masses, influencing the internalized discomfort of female sexuality. This, of course, does not apply towards male sexuality. Male sexuality is unrelenting and respected, even revered. These concepts of unrestrained

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Buddhism At The Gate Of The Fo Guang Shan Hsi Fang

It was a rather casual Wednesday morning when I arrived at the gate of the Fo Guang Shan Hsi Fang Temple. As the dews drip from the tall bush of grass in front of the red gate, I rang the bell to ask for permission to enter the sacred Buddhist Temple. A female monk named Miaozang slowly opens the door to let me and a fellow student in. Having been born and raised in Vietnam, which is predominantly a Buddhist influenced country, yet grew up in the States in a Catholic high school, I did not strongly identify with any particular religion. Thus, I took this opportunity to learn more about Buddhism by interviewing the monk and took part in a guided meditation session. Each small details from the moment I entered such as the sense of the incense, the lion statues, the mild background chanting, and so on are intentionally set up to make sure that I, the visitor, can have the most wholesome Buddhist experience while being inside the temple. Buddhism, through its teachings, which are called Buddha Dharma, and other rituals such as meditations and chanting, strives to set up an environment that helps its practitioners reach the state of enlightenment, where one can see the reality of the world and the truth behind everything. Hsi Fang Temple is a two-story building in the town of University Heights, located on Park Street. From the outside, it is a minimalistic building with white walls on all sides. In the front, just above the entrance arc, there is an artifact in the shape of a

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Machiavelli s A Comparison Of Ideals - 748 Words

Olivia Nogueira Wheaton September 28, 2015 Machiavelli Rousseau A Comparison Of Ideals Why government? For one to philosophies about any ideal system one must first establish what government is and why it is needed. Government is the system of rule a state, community, or nation is governed by. This means, A body of people decide to sacrifice some individual rights in order to receive the bxelifits of a larger power. There are two main purposes of government. One, the protection of the people, from outer conflicts and themselves (by enforcing law). Two, to provide public good. Public good being an item or commodity that is available to the entire population without it being lessened buy use. Government also has the responsibility to protect it’s people’s natural rights and recognize it’s legitimacy. Legitimacy being the power that the people give, and can be taken away if the people feel their interests are not being served. If a group agree that one, or more, have more power than others, they have given legitimacy and with this recognition, have al so created the basis of sovereignty. All things considered, government is still a very broad term. Many have spent years philosophizing the different ways the system of government can function as. Two men, specifically, have thought quite a bit about power, human nature, and the ideal way of governing. Jean-Jacques Rousseau’s political philosophy in The Social Contract speaks often of freedom. Some of his popular ideas areShow MoreRelatedEssay on Machiavellis The Prince: Politics, War, and Human Nature1334 Words   |  6 PagesMachiavellis The Prince: Politics, War, and Human Nature [I]t is necessary for a prince to know well how to use the beast and the man. (Machiavelli, The Prince, p. 69[1]). In this swift blow, Niccolà ² Machiavelli seems to strike down many visions of morality put up on pedestals by thinkers before his time. He doesnt turn to God or to some sort of common good for his political morality. Instead, he turns to the individual?more specifically, self-preservation in a position ofRead MoreMachiavelli s The Prince And The Discourse Essay1328 Words   |  6 PagesNiccolà ² Machiavelli wrote a book which called The Prince. It is about the political ideology of Machiavelli s political realism, which means the effective truth is taken to be more important than any abstract ideal. In this book, he talks about the importance of the concept of virtà º. He claimed that rulers have to suppress their personal virtues while sometimes committing improper acts in order to maintain powers and protect their principalities. In Discourses, Machi avelli becomes to extols theRead MoreMachiavelli Plato Rebuplic Prince Comparison1419 Words   |  6 Pagescharacteristics of the rulers, as described by Machiavelli (The Prince, ch.15, pp. 47 #8211; 49 and ch. 18, pp.54f). What is the most important difference between the two accounts? In your view, which account is better, and why? For centuries, every ruler created their own principles and rules and somehow they ruled millions of people and controlled their future. In this essay, I will try to compare the characteristics of two types of ruler, one is Plato#8217;s true guardian where he mentions in theRead MoreSocrates And Machiavelli1681 Words   |  7 PagesSocrates, in his early works, maintained a steadfast distance from involvement in politics, making a comparison or evaluation of a political system in his persona technically impossible. To claim that Socrates would or would not be supportive of any political system might then seem irresponsible, a presumptuous analysis not fitting for an academic recognizing the false equivalence between Socrates’ philosophy and Machiavelli’s political ethics. The strategy to conduct any sort of liable and validRead MoreDifferent Philosophers, Nicolo Machiavelli And Thomas Hobbes1326 Words   |  6 Pagesphilosophers, Nicolo Machiavelli and Thomas Hobbes. Both Machiavelli and Hobbes express their thoughts and opinions on the topic of human nature in their work. In Machiavelli’s â€Å"The Prince† dating back to the renaissance is one of the most controversial pieces of writing still studied to this day. Machiavelli believes that we are born either powerful or born as nobody’s or as â€Å"private citizens† as he describes it (Machiavelli, The Prince, Chapters 12-18). Within this piece Machiavelli outlines and providesRead MoreHistorical Perspective Of Renaissance Florence933 Words   |  4 PagesHistoriography The scholars who have documented the history of Florence in the Italian Renaissance observes Machiavelli in his Florentine Histories (Istorie fiorentine), tending to begin work there. The works of Machiavelli and Guicciardini have been useful in the studies of Renaissance Florence, through the direct translation of Latin, giving history from the view of these humanist historians of 15th century. Other authors have focused on the works of Bruni, Bracciolini and Scala, as in a relativelyRead MoreMachiavelli’S The Prince Was Written During The Early Years1647 Words   |  7 Pagesthat he would use the principles taught in it to rule in Italy. Machiavelli planned for the piece of literature to impress Medici and hopefully persuade him to give Machiavelli a position within the Italian government, a position that he longed to go back to. The Medici family ultimately never implemented any of Machiavelli’s recommendations, but one could find examples of famous rulers from the past that exemplify Machiavelli’s ideal ruler. The Prince is a timeless pie ce of literature that was targetedRead MoreIn Nature Of Politics, We Have Read And Gone Over Many1743 Words   |  7 Pagesdistinct views to help form a familiar, though rapidly shifting, image of politics and therefore can easily recognize similarities between the ideologies that is provided in these texts. For example, in Dostoevsky s writing, the Grand Inquisitor’s thinking is very similar to that of Machiavelli in the manner that crushing the â€Å"free will† and gaining control over the masses is extremely vital. When going into detail about the idea of â€Å"miracle, mystery, and authority,† the Grand Inquisitor’s rationalityRead MorePlato And Aristotle s Views On Political Philosophy Essay3649 Words   |  15 Pagesâ€Å"The Republic† delivers the concept of utopian society which means an imaginary society in which people live in a perfect environment governed by the laws that provides happiness to everyone. Plato gives the concept of an â€Å"Ideal State† in his book, where the justice, education, â€Å"Ideal Man† and the best form of government are described. According to Plato, the state is like a human being which consists of three elements- reason, spirit, and appetite. And state should be made of three things-PhilosophersRead MoreEssay about Ethical Decision Making3074 Words   |  13 Pagesnot quite say that the new is more valuable because it fits in; but its fitting in is a test of its value--a test, it is true, which can only be slowly and cau tiously applied, for we are none of us infallible judges of conformity., the famous poet T. S. Elliot once said. Ethics and conformity go hand in hand; it is hard to talk about one subject without involving the other. The past two weeks of this humanities course has been centered around the relationship which exists between these two subjects

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The Role Of Leptin And Its Effects On The Reproductive...

Role of leptin in PCOS. Leptin is a hormone secreted mainly from the adipose tissue, serum levels of which are influenced by obesity, insulin resistance and the levels of sex steroids (androgens and estrogens) and insulin. It is mainly involved in the regulation of body weight by decreasing appetite and increasing energy expenditure. Besides regulating the energy metabolism of the body, leptin has important actions on the reproductive system, which makes it an important link between the adipose tissue and hypothalamus– pituitary–gonadal (HPG) axis (2). Long-term hyperinsulinemia in humans, as is the case in PCOS patients, stimulates leptin secretion from adipose tissue (9). Significantly higher leptin (P = 0.0028), and insulin concentrations, insulin: glucose ratio (IGR), and a significant correlation between leptin and fasting insulin concentrations, IGR, WHR and LH have been reported in obese PCOS women than in normal-weight women with PCOS. There is a significant neg ative correlation between leptin and LH concentrations, independently of either BMI or IGR, suggesting a possible involvement of leptin in LH hypersecretion (10). Estrogens increase, whereas androgens suppress leptin production, suggesting sexual dimorphism in leptin levels (2). The direct and indirect effects of leptin on the HPG axis, such as acceleration of GnRH pulsatility (but not the pulse amplitude) in a dose dependent manner, suggest that leptin may play an important role in the pathogenesis of PCOS.Show MoreRelatedMechanisms By Which Obesity Affect Ovarian Function1644 Words   |  7 Pageshave demonstrated that obesity leads to ovarian dysfunction through oxidative and ER stress and inflammation (26,65,66,74-78). Obesity leads to excess lipids, glucose, insulin, and leptin in variety of ovarian cells including: granulosa cells, cumulus cells, oocytes, and early embryos (ref more;(65,79,80)). Because leptin contributes to follicular growth, steroidogenesis, oocyte maturation and embryo development, hyperleptinemia seen in obese women may disrupt these processes (30,58,70,75,78,81-96)Read MoreSerum Ghrelin And Its Effects On The Health Of Animals2237 Words   |  9 Pagesmajor hormone involved in the regulation of hunger and satiety. Growth hormone (GH) has been suggested to have an inhibitory effect on ghrelin level. Administration of a large dose of GH to normal rats resulted in a 50% decrease of ghrelin levels in the serum (Tschà ¶p et al., 2002). Cytokines are pleiotropic glycoproteins, which orchestrate most aspects of mammalian reproductive physiology, ranging from the maternal recognition of pregnancy to embryogenesis, implantation and decidualization, trophoblastRead MoreThe Effects Of Prenatal Pregnancy On Pregnancy1752 Words   |  8 PagesBMI at delivery (Ehrenberg 2003). Inadequate GWG in pregnancy may bring forth nutritional deficiencies that increases the predisposition to preterm delivery (Ehrenberg 2003). In terms of prematurity, Ehrenberg (2003) found that the effect of GWG during pregnancy is greater than the influence of pre-pregnancy weight. This phenomenon can possibly be related to an increased chance of spontaneous labor on admission and a lower risk of feto-pelvic disproportion. Poor nutrition, and in turnRead MoreAnorexia has many negative effects as well. According to the University of Maryland Medical Centers1700 Words   |  7 PagesAnorexia has many negative effects as well. Accord ing to the University of Maryland Medical Centers article Eating Disorders, â€Å"Anorexia nervosa can increase the risk for serious health problems such as: hormonal changes including reproductive, thyroid, stress, and growth hormones, heart problems such as abnormal heart rhythm, electrolyte imbalance, fertility problems, bone density loss, anemia, and neurological problems.† Anorexia can severely affect a person internally. The continuous lack of nutrientsRead MoreObesity : Causes And Effects2292 Words   |  10 PagesObesity has been a topic of debate for decades. The prevalence of obesity in children in the United States has continued to rise, and there is still much debate on whether one thing or another causes obese effects. According to a Micro simulation analysis, one in three children in the US between ages 2 and 19 were obese between 2009 and 2010 (Kristensen, 2014). Support has been shown that these numbers have only been increasing, as researchers have un covered more about how childhood obesityRead MoreObesity and Cancer - Linked to What Level?2013 Words   |  9 Pagescentury  have  resulted  in  Ã¢â‚¬Ëœabundance’  of  all  things  Ã¢â‚¬â€œÃ‚  including  that  of  visceral  fat  in  all  age†groups  across  the  globe.   There  are  many  health†conditions  already  linked  with  obesity  Ã¢â‚¬â€œÃ‚  such  as  diabetes,  high†blood†pressure,  congestive   heart†failure,  reproductive  complications,  etc  Ã¢â‚¬â€œÃ‚  but,  could  being  obese  make  one  susceptible  to  cancer?  Or  possibly   make  for  a  worse  cancer  prognosis?   These  issues  are  addressed  in  this  report,  with  references  to  many  studies  performed  at  the  population  level,  and  at   Read MoreResearch Paper On Why Obesity Is Considered A Disease857 Words   |  4 P agesoverweight/obese in 2016. Obesity does in fact meet the definition of a disease, but many people may argue that it’s only a â€Å"side effect.† In this essay I will argue why obesity is considered a disease. Obesity meets the requirements of being a disease. There are three criteria that define a disease. The impairment of a vital function involving any structure, system, or part of an organism is one of the criteria. Another is the characteristics of signs or symptoms. Lastly, harm or morbidity toRead MoreAnatomy of the Female Reproductive System10466 Words   |  42 PagesAnatomy of the Female Reproductive System The reproductive role of the female is far more complex than that of a male. Not only must she produce gametes, but her body must prepare to nurture a developing embryo for a period of approximately nine months. Ovaries, the female gonads, are the primary reproductive organs of a female, and like the male testes, ovaries serve a dual purpose: They produce the female gametes (ova) and sex hormones, the estrogens * and progesterone (pro-ges†²tÄ•-rÃ… n). TheRead More The Causes of Eating Disorders Essay1994 Words   |  8 Pagessmall role. Between 40% to 96% of all eating-disordered patients experience depression and anxiety disorders; depression is also common in families of patients with eating disorders. Bulimic patients are more likely to report having emotional disorders and dysfunctional families than are anorexic-restrictor patients. It is not clear, however, whether emotional disorders are causes, results, or both, of eating disorders. Some experts claim that depression does not play a causal role, particularlyRead MoreObesity is NOT a Disease Essay2361 Words   |  10 Pagesa disease but many feel it is necessary. Obesity should not be classified as a disease - it does not fit the fefinition. Obesity is caused by unhealthy habits and it can be prevented. Classifying obesity as a disease would strain the health care system which is already bankrupt. Obesity has been accepted in the American society as a norm. According to the U.S. office of the Surgeon General, in 1999, 6 in 10 American adults were classified as obese or overweight (McMurray, par. 5). In order for

Classification Of Forests By Functions Environmental Sciences Essay Free Essays

Forests play a critical function in the development and in guaranting environmental sustainability of the state. Besides providing wood merchandises for economic development, woods besides contribute significantly to cut downing inundation and storm amendss by keeping and chairing H2O flows, providing H2O for production and support activities, extenuating erodings, landslides, and bring forthing hydroelectricity. Forests besides heighten clime control, conserve biodiversity and familial resources, and supply chances for eco-tourism and out-of-door diversion. We will write a custom essay sample on Classification Of Forests By Functions Environmental Sciences Essay or any similar topic only for you Order Now Forests besides hold a important portion in the Earth ‘s clime by absorbing and hive awaying C – therefore cut downing planetary heating. Franklin D. Roosevelt, one of the greatest work forces in the US history has said: â€Å" A state that destroys its dirts destroys itself. Forests are the lungs of our land, sublimating the air and giving fresh strength to our people † . In Viet Nam, a state that the bulk of population still depends on agribusiness, forestry significantly contributes to sustainable, economic growing, stabilisation of society. However, as the state grows economically, the demand for forestry additions quickly, therefore influences the biodiversity every bit good as the ecosystem. This essay will show the function of wood in Vietnam, so travel on to the categorization of wood and eventually illustrate key issues that impacting woods and forestry. Discussion of findings Functions of woods As the natural woods are greatly of import to the state, the functions of woods in Vietnam are shown in assorted facets. Forests are beginning of nutrient. In many parts of the state, particularly some distant countries, woods play an of import portion in human nutrient supply. Human nutrient from woods can be classified into 2 chief groups: workss and animate beings origin. The group of workss includes gathered fruits, seed, foliages and mushroom. Because of the natural growing, workss nutrients are wholly fresh and incorporate a high degree of foods such as saccharides, fructose and other micronutrients, vitamins and minerals, for case ( Agriculture and Consumer Protection Department 1996 ) . In some instances, seeds or olives and palm fruits can be pressed to bring forth vegetable oils, which is highly healthy for human by incorporating a big figure of Calories and no cholesterin ( Simpson A ; Ogorzaly 1995, p.315 ) . The 2nd group, carnal nutrients, includes insects, larvae and hunted animate beings. Forests are beginning of medical specialty: Since the early age of human history, workss have been proved to be particularly utile for handling diseases. Many remedies for black diseases were originated from workss ( Simpson A ; Ogorzaly 1995, p.376 ) . These yearss in Vietnam, wild workss are still considered as the chief medicative beginning for pharmaceutical industry. It is possible in the close hereafter that more utile botanical drugs, will be found as different workss are tested ( Agriculture and Consumer Protection Department 1996 ) . Forests are the chief stuff beginnings. In Vietnam, forests hold an indispensable portion in providing stuff for human. Wood harvested from plantations is the chief stuff beginning for edifice houses and bring forthing domestic equipment. Forests besides provide natural stock for forest merchandise processing industry and firewood for dependent cultural minorities in cragged countries ( Tien A ; Thong 2008 ) . Forests protect home grounds. Forests provide shelter for human life and wildlife. They have an highly ecological map with the environment. Forests significantly take portion in doing the clime equable, minimising negative effects of inundations and battling eroding. Harmonizing to Tien A ; Thong ( 2008 ) , forest ‘s part in keeping the stableness and birthrate of land dirt is undeniable. It is estimated that the sum of dirt eroding where close woods are available is equal to merely 10 % of those topographic points without woods. Forests provide relaxation and amusement: with fresh air and a cool atmosphere, woods are perfects finishs for those seeking for peaceable topographic points to loosen up in holidaies, avoiding pollution and bad effects from noisy urban countries ( Tien and Thong 2008 ) . Coastal protection: woods contribute to protect the state ‘s sea seashore, particularly mangrove woods. They are really utile for screening moving ridges, air current, storms and sea invasion. Many studies about function of woods in the defence against tsunami have been done after the atrocious tsunami in December 26th, 2004 caused the decease of 100s of 1000s people in assorted states in Asia and Africa. Shuto ( 1987, cited in Latief and Hadi 2007 ) said that: Forests may cut down tsunami impact and asserted that a wood is effectual for several grounds: 1 ) it stops driftwood and other jetsam ; 2 ) it reduces H2O flow speed and flood deepness ; 3 ) it provides a life-saving trap for people swept off land by a tsunami run-down ; and 4 ) it amasses wind-blown sand and create dunes, which serve as a natural barriers against tsunamis. Forests play an of import function in C segregation and storage. Forests contribute unusually to cut down the heating of the Earth and life environment. Forests provide the indispensable environmental universe service of recycling C dioxide into O. 40 per centum of the O is produced in tropical rain woods ( Boland 2009 ) . In other word, they are â€Å" Lungs of the Planet † . This map besides evidently belongs to natural woods in Vietnam. Therefore, forest loss could do unexpected alterations in the ambiance and natural catastrophes. Forests contribute to the society: forestry creates occupations for Vietnamese, particularly for people in rural and cragged countries. In recent old ages, the development of ecological touristry besides contributes to lifting income degree for local people and cut downing poorness ( Tien A ; Thong 2008 ) . 2.2. Categorization of woods by maps Entire land country that the Government planned for forestry is 16.24 million hectares. It is divided into 3 forest classs. Special-use wood: the land planned for development of special-use woods is 2.199.342 hectares, which accounts for 13.5 % of the entire country. Special-use wood has been identified in order to continue nature, protect species of the forest ecosystem and conserve cistron beginnings. It besides provides for research, protects historical and cultural relics and caters for remainder, diversion and touristry. Harmonizing to Vietnam Administration of Forestry 2011, special-use wood is a combination of National Parks, Nature preservation countries, Landscape protection countries and scientific experimental and research countries. Protection woods: the land planned for protection woods is 4.832.962 hectares, which makes up 37 % of the entire country. Protection woods, which are chiefly planned to protect and modulate H2O resources, contribute significantly in the procedures of protect dirt, prevent eroding, limit natural catastrophes, moderate the clime and guarantee the ecological balance and environmental security. There are 4 chief types of protection woods: watershed protection forest, air current and sand interruptions forest, wave breaks protection forest, protection wood for ecology and landscapes. Production woods: the land planned histories for the bulk of entire country with 8,495,823 hectares, which is tantamount to 52.3 % . Production forests chiefly serve the intent of bring forthing both timber and non-timber wood merchandises for the market and at the same clip to protect the environment and continue the ecological balance ( Vietnam Administration of Forestry 2011 ) . 2.3. Key issues Vietnam forestry is confronting up several issues. Harmonizing to Coe 2005, forest coverage in Vietnam has fallen 29 % over the last 60 old ages. Pressure on land and wood merchandises is increasing due to the development of agribusiness and the growing of population ( Raven, Evert A ; Eichorn 1992, p.698 ) . Meanwhile the job of feeding people in cragged countries is highly difficult to work out because of the deficiency of agricultural land and free population motion. Deforestation for agricultural productiveness every bit good as lumber exports has led to serious jobs. The biodiversity of natural wood is diminishing as a effect. Vietnamese Government had taken some action against deforestation and it seemed to hold brought some consequence. From 1993, the sum of lumber cut down illicitly was strongly minimized ( Hill 1997 ) . However, there are still a scope of jobs presents. Forest direction is non united and sustainable. The figure and the ability of forest officers do non run into the demands. Therefore, in some parts of the state, deforestation for illegal lumber exports is still out of the control. In recent old ages, forestry has made some accomplishment but its part to GDP is still really little. Forestry has non efficaciously helped people cut down poorness because the income of people working in this field is extremely unstable. Most of the workers in this field come from distant countries. Their lives can non be wholly dependent on the forestry. Meanwhile, the engineering is non developed plenty to run into the demands. The available methods to utilize 1000000s hectares of natural wood are limited. As a consequence, it could non convey the income to local people ( Forest Science Institute of Vietnam 2009 ) . Decision Vietnam National Forest contributes greatly to environment protection, land care, eroding control, inundation decrease and supplying home ground for wildlife. Meanwhile, forestry and forest merchandise processing industry holds an indispensable portion in the national economic system. In recent old ages, Government ‘s policies to better forestry and protect natural woods have made some alterations. The consequences show in the addition of forest coverage and accomplishment of merchandise processing industry. However, there are still several jobs such as deforestation and force per unit area on land and wood merchandises. It is extremely pressing for the Government to happen effectual solutions to work out the state of affairs and heighten the forestry of Vietnam. 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Volcano Facts Essay Example For Students

Volcano Facts Essay Hot! Fire! Destruction! These are words that most people associate with volcanoes. But some good effects can come out of volcanoes. Volcanoes also have their own special mythology associated with them. A lot of volcanoes have some general characteristics in common. There are many volcanoes around the world and some have special characteristics. So come along and take a trip with me into the wonderful and exciting world of volcanoes. Over 550 volcanoes have erupted on the surface of the Earth since human kind has been able to record history. Their destructiveness has claimed the lives of over 200,000 people during the last 500 years with 26,000 deaths between 1980 and 1990 alone. They have also cause an innumerable amount of property damage. The biggest eruption of the twentieth century was the eruption of Novarupta on the peninsula of Alaska. The amount of lava that erupted measured to roughly 15 cubic kilometers! All of the lava erupted equaled to the amount of 30 times the amount of lava that came from Mount Saint Helens and it is also the equivalent of 230 years of eruptions at Mount Kilauea. The eruption lasted for 60 hours on June 6, 1920. The biggest eruption, despite its size, was not the most destructive, for the most destructive was the eruption of Mount Saint Helens in Oregon during the week of May 18th, 1980. This eruption mainly caused just loss of property, because many people didnt expect the volcano to erupt. Although some people did die, this volcano was kind of weak compared to the size of the eruption and amount of lives lost in other eruptions like Tambora, Indonesia in 1815 where 92,000 people died. Despite all of these bad effects, some life still shines through these tragedies. For example the ash that a volcano spews out covers many square miles of plants and trees. This holds in water and waters plants. The ash also contains many nutrients that plants use. A little more than 80 percent of the Earths surface is volcanic in origin, meaning that most of the Earths surface was formed by volcanoes. Also, magma deposits heat water underground which produces geothermal energy. The word volcano comes from an island off of the coast of Sicily called Vulcano. The people of Sicily thought that the clouds of dust and spurts of lava were made from Vulcan, the blacksmith for the Roman Gods. They believed that Vulcan forged thunderbolts for Zeus and weapons for Mars on that island. Out of the 550 of the worlds active volcanoes, the worlds largest active volcano is Mauna Loa, it is one of the Hawaiian islands. The island protrudes around 13,677 feet above sea level; while the whole island was formed by an underwater volcano, this brings it 28,000 feet above the ocean floor where it started. From the base underwater to the summit above water, this volcano stands higher than Mount Everest. There are two main types of volcanoes out there in the world today, the first is felsic, and the second is mafic. Felsic volcanoes have a high silica content and a light color to the lava. The second, mafic, has just the opposite, a low silica content and a darker color. Then there are underwater volcanoes and above ground volcanoes. The underwater volcanoes are less known about than above ground for the obvious reason that they are seen when they are above ground. Underwater volcanoes produce some things called black smokers, they are basically just ash as well as black smoke that combine and heat up water to boiling temperatures. An interesting fact about underwater volcanoes is that some islands have been formed by lava eruptions building up year after year. An island chain that is very well known that has been formed by this process is the chain of the Hawaiian Island chain. Ecofeminism Essay This chain also includes the worlds largest volcano, Mauna Lao, which, when you count the amount underwater and the amount above water is taller than Mount Everest. Some volcanoes have been found in our solar system that are not on the planet Earth. One volcano, which is the largest one in our solar system, is Mount Olympus Mons on the planet Mars. This is the only volcano found on the planet mars. There are also numerous volcanoes found on Io, a moon of the planet Jupiter. These volcanoes also show that some plate tectonics on Io, even though no plate tectonics is believed to have occurred on Mars. Volcanoes form when magma, melted rock underground (it is called lava when it reaches the surface) (most of it forms around 50 to 100 miles underground), when the magma mixes with .

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Assessment of Patients Perceptions free essay sample

Caring has been widely discussed in the health care professions, especially in nursing which is considered to be one of the caring professions (Boykin and Schoenhofer 2001). Watson (1985) describes caring as a moral ideal of nursing. According to Watson, caring preserves human dignity in cure dominated health care systems and becomes a standard by which cure is measured (Watson 1988c, p. 177). Research literature indicates that the assessment of quality of care from the patient’s perspective has been operationalised as patient satisfaction (Dufrene 2000). Nurse caring has been related to patient satisfaction in western literature (Wolf et al 2003; Wolf et al 1998; Forbes and Brown 1995; Boyle et al 1989). There are so many factors that influence patients’ perceptions of care given by the opposite sex. Some of these are: Age, ethnicity, gender, socio-economic and health status. The most consistent finding has been related to age. Older patients tend to be more satisfied with their health care. We will write a custom essay sample on Assessment of Patients Perceptions or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page Studies that have looked at ethnicity have generally held that being a member of a minority group is associated with lower rates of satisfaction. Studies on the effect of gender show that women tend to be less satisfied and other studies show the opposite. Most studies have found that individuals of lower socio-economic status and less education tend to be less satisfied with their health care. Other studies have shown that poorer satisfaction with care is associated with experiencing worry, depression, fear or hopelessness, as is having a psychiatric diagnosis such as schizophrenia, post-traumatic stress disorder or drug abuse. Health status can greatly influence satisfaction of an individual (Hall, 1990). It is important to examine the relationships of nurse caring to patient satisfaction in Cape Coast because of severe staff shortages, heavy workload, and low salaries in Cape Coast Hospitals. Nursing literature had long recognized importance of these perceptions as major factors militating against prompt and effective service delivery in the care environment. One of the critical roles and ethics of the nurse is to treat all patients irrespective of their gender, colour, creed, political inclination and religious affiliations. High quality nurse-client communication is the backbone of the art and science of nursing. It has a significant impact on patient well-being as well as the quality and outcome of nursing care, and is related to patients’ overall satisfaction with their care. The maintenance of high nurse patient communication also depends on the nurse and patient. The quality of care in a hospital has been shown to be influenced by several factors including: inadequate nursing staff, lack of regular water supply on wards, too much nursing documentation, too long waiting time, and lack of specialized nurses. In Ghana, there is crisis in nurse-client communication evidence from four sources. These are personal observation, anecdotes from client and their families, media reports, and official health reports. Although there is ample evidence to demonstrate that most nurses are females, one cannot discount the enormous services that male nurses provide irrespective of their gender. The ever increasing number of female nurses compared to male nurses in our wards, coupled with patient dissatisfaction toward treatment received has raised a lot of questions as to whether there is a perceived idea that male nurses offer better care or otherwise. With the introduction of Health Insurance a few years ago, more patients report to the hospital and are also consciously aware of their rights and responsibilities as patients and hence will demand for better service delivery from care givers. Recently, patient dissatisfaction has been on the ascendancy in several hospitals across Ghana including University of Cape Coast Hospital. This has raised a lot of concerns about the perceptions patients have regarding the care given by male nurses.