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Elite Athletes are Being Paid too Much Essay -- essays research papers

Are world class competitors/sports men or ladies being paid excessively if not how are there significant compensations legitimized, provided that this is true, why, and how could there cash be put to more readily utilize? To a great many people one million dollars a ton of cash, to the vast majority one thousand dollars is a ton, yet despite the fact that it is difficult to accept, to certain individuals these figures amount to nothing. Its a well known fact that proficient competitors especially the individuals who play soccer, golf, and race F1 vehicles make tons of money, however individuals don't understand how much. A year ago tiger woods made 87 million dollars, to place that into viewpoint that’s multiple times what George Bush makes a year and he is one of the most compelling, influential individuals on the planet. During Mike Tyson’s coordinate against Peter McNealy he made 281,000 dollars, in a solitary second. This suggests the conversation starter, by what means can he, or anybody besides have the right to get that much cash-flow? To turn into a first class competitor, for example, Tiger Woods, it is difficult. Measurably it is more enthusiastically to turn into a NBA player than to turn into a cerebrum specialist. There are some key factors and forfeits that need to happen to guarantee achievement. Much the same as if somebody somehow managed to turn into a profoundly fruitful representatives or specialist. 1. You should be raised in the correct condition, presented to the way the game works, and the right strategy included. In Tigers case his dad told him the best way to play from the age of two. On account of a representatives, his dad may have enlightened him concerning the financial exchange and so forth likewise since early on, along these lines their instruction starts early. 2. To most expert competitors, to understand their fantasy additionally intends to disregard instruction, Tiger Woods quit school to seek after an existence of an expert golf player. 3. A expert athlete’s profession ... ...gets paid. The cash given to the competitors could be utilized for increasingly likely explanations. As of late Alex Rodriguez of the Texas Rangers gave an agreement for 252 million dollars up a range of 10 years. This is sufficient cash to take care of the country's poor for a year or to give significantly all the more lodging and havens for the destitute. Others could profit by the millions being squandered on these competitors. Not on the grounds that the players don’t win the cash but since it could simply be better spent on progressively significant issues in our networks. All things considered, these competitors are getting an excessive amount of cash in a general public that customarily puts together pay rates with respect to the estimation of ones work. These competitors don't have the foggiest idea what genuine work is or that it is so difficult to make a dollar. In spite of the fact that their activity is troublesome, they don't assume a job in our economy like their pay rates demonstrate. Along these lines, they should get less cash.

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Travel Long Distances Essay Example for Free

Travel Long Distances Essay At whatever point we need to travel significant distances inside the nation we can go via train or via air in a plane. I recall my first train venture which I performed when I was just around four years of age. After that venture so long back, I have made a few excursions via train in any case, that first excursion despite everything waits in my brain and considerations. We needed to go to Madras, where my dad needed to go to a Conference. Since we had not then observed Madras and our winter excursions were falling during the dates of the Conference, it was concluded that we would all go with father and make an outing toward the South. Concerning visits to better places of the South I recollect close to nothing as, I was somewhat little however the train venture is still distinctive in my brain. There, at Madras, my dad needed to go to a Conference whose date was the eighteenth of December so; it was chosen to leave for Madras on the fifteenth. After a considerable delay, finally the fifteenth of December came and my fervor knew no limits. I would be going on my first since forever train venture, getting a charge out of an excursion and seeing new places. The train that we needed to pass by was known as the G.T. Express for example the Grand Trunk Express and we went to the station to board it. I think it was evening time when we loaded up the train. Inside we ate and afterward my folks and my senior sibling all rested. I was unable to get rest as, I was simply excessively energized. I recollect that, I had taken a window with the goal that I could see the fun outside at the same time, oh. No sooner that we had completed supper, it was dull and nothing was noticeable from the window. It was distinctly at the stops at the stations, I would peep out and see the surge and life on the stage. Seeing the stations for now and then, I at long last rested. At the point when I woke up toward the beginning of the day following an agreeable rest around evening time, I was totally excited to look outside. The region the train was presently crossing portrayed an excellent cross area of land structures and greenery, plants and towns. Goodness, what an all encompassing stunner everything was. At the point when the train traversed distinctive land shapes, the sounds it made were heard changing now and then profound snorts, now and then a smooth stream and at different occasions only a crash here and crash there. At the point when the train traversed connects on breadths of water, the sound was of sputtering. This mixture of sounds made by the development of the train was a magnificent encounter the various stretches of colossal territories of land and water and various ranches for a significant distance on end, demonstrated nature in its full structure and excellence. As we went through town zones, I saw fields of rice, wheat, mustard and vegetables. Gracious what a great sight of the cross-area of India. At the stations the train would stop and another scene of progress would take over from nature, and when the train again began, the nature would again dominate. This stows away and looks for of scenes proceeded all through the excursion, and the music of territory and water changing now and again was simply shocking. This intriguing scene proceeded for just about thirty six hours at the same time, trust me, I appreciated each moment of it. A manufactured house with all enhancements, a gander at nature and furthermore human development was completely observed gotten together as one introduction bundle for me. The thirty six hours had quite recently flown by and we were at the Madras intersection. I can't overlook this first excursion via train significantly following eight years now and I do think about whether I ever will.

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Marks & Spencer SWOT and PEST Essay

Imprints and Spencer is the British worldwide retail organization that practices on delivering garments and excellent food. Being the predominant power on the UK showcase Marks and Spencer possesses 600 stores in the nation of origin and more than 225 stores around the world. Winged creature (1986) claims Marks and Spencer to be the most remarkable picture of Great Britain; the organization right now being the most productive UK association additionally is one of the most inventive on the planet. Two fundamental highlights of the Marks and Spencer are centralization and effortlessness. The firm will in general utilize incorporated authoritative structure and attempts to keep everything basic maintaining a strategic distance from the multifaceted nature in any part of efficient applications (Howells, 1981). Qualities: Imprints and Spencer has been known for its best expectations of reasonable exchanging, which incorporate securing solid contacts with current providers, delivering and proposing top notch food, being neighborly to the staff and having an adaptable trade strategy for existing clients (Grayson, 2011). Having a steady and positive notoriety is inescapable for the huge overall brands. The organization being at first just centered around creating articles of clothing of late differentiated its market to different areas, for example, food, hardware and furniture (Hamil, Crosbie, 1990). Enhancement ensured greater measure of clients for the organization and extended its development. The organization will in general find its stores in the high lanes which prompts acquiring enormous measure of clients consistently and in this manner bigger benefit. (Winged creature, Witherwick, 1986). Moreover, Marks and Spencer doesn't lease the premises, it claims stores disposing of the conceivable rental expenses. Imprints and Spencer is a worldwide retailer which claims in excess of thousand shops around in forty nations, covering business sector of such a major size is useful for the company’s pay (Salmon, Tordjman, 1989). As indicated by Doyle (1982), Marks and Spencer is the Britain’s most grounded and best brand that makes organization notable around the globe and separates it from contenders making it one of a kind. Shortcomings: Imprints and Spencer because of enhancement and working in more than one market (pieces of clothing, food, furniture) isn't focused on a specific section, not at all like its fundamental rivals, for example, Tesco and Sainsbury’s whichâ retail just food (Lewis, Thomas, 1990). The absence of the concentration and focus may prompt the decreased developments and shortage of the ability in one specific market zone. At the point when Marks and Spencer attempted to extend their market including the garments line for more youthful individuals, it encountered misfortune and disappointment, as it wasn’t ready to follow most popular trend patterns to fulfill more youthful crowd and kept a notoriety of the retailing brand basically for senior ladies (Fletcher, 2007). As per Alon (2000), Marks and Spencer experienced absence of stock control which prompted the failing to meet expectations other significant British organizations by 25% in 1998. The normal value examination made by Telegraph in 2008 has indicated that the costs on the Marks and Spencer’s food surpass those in Asda by 3.6%. The organization is viewed as extravagant and looses huge measure of clients from center and lower class, who lean toward day by day shopping in other huge retail chains like Asda, Sainsbury’s and Tesco, where costs are a lot less expensive and progressively sensible (Avery, 2011). Political variables: Each organization which wants to amplify its benefit ought to create inside the legislative arrangements. Imprints and Spencer isn't an exemption, as the organization accepts that commitment with the legislature is advantageous for the organization’s salary. As indicated by Marks and Spencer’s official site, organization will in general speak with the political crowds either legitimately or through the exchange participations. After the â€Å"green† administrative strategy in 2008, Marks and Spencer presented the 5p charge for the plastic sacks over its stores (Vaughan, 2011). Imprints and Spencer is situated in the UK, which has stable political foundation and assessment approaches (McGrattan, 2005). In any case, in 2005 the organization experienced misfortunes in the EU region and engaged the court for the chance to deduct global misfortunes from its UK charge (European Commission Legal Services, 2005). After European Court of Justice reported that Marks and Sp encer and other UK organizations reserve the privilege to counterpoise British assessment bill, Marks and Spencer has won this case accepting 30 million expense alleviation (BBC, 2005). Monetary variables: Most of worldwide organizations are thinking about the USA an ideal region of diversifying because of the huge populace and enormous size of the market. Imprints and Spencer was among the main British retailers who consideredâ expanding its business toward the North America (Alexander, 1995). In any case, the September 11 assaults have caused financial emergency and change in the buying conduct of American residents which prompted the extraordinary misfortunes experienced by Marks and Spencer all through the next year forcing the organization to close the non-center branch in North America (BBC, 2002). Because of the budgetary emergency occurring in 2007-2008 (Barrel, 2008) and later extreme emergency in Eurozone, the deals of Marks and Spencer has essentially diminished, as the pay rates of the working class didn’t math the costly food and pieces of clothing offered by the retailer (Rayner, 2008). Social components: As per Marks and Spencer’s official site, organization is centered around applying moral exchanging, delivering nontoxic food and utilizing mindful utilization of a vitality, as the organization accepts that adjusting CSR is crucial for the advancement of business. Organization is particularly centered around the creature government assistance, being the principal UK retailer to sell just unfenced eggs in its stores (Jones, 2005) and alongside a few other British retailers advances food without added substances (Jones, 2007). Be that as it may, quite a while prior Marks and Spencer was blamed in utilizing the kid work in Morocco which may have harmed the company’s notoriety (Frankental, 2001). As indicated by Moore (1995) and Campbell (2010) Marks and Spencer over the previous years has expanded the measure of notice utilizing various sorts of plugs. All things considered, the organization was not had the option to fulfill customers’ needs, while creating their g arments line for youngsters which prompted the misfortunes of benefit (Jobber, 1999). Mechanical elements: As per Butler (2013), Marks and Spencer is the main large British food retailer that doesn't have an internet shopping administration, while different organizations like Sainsbury’s and Morrison are making a huge number of pounds through the web. The organization for the long time is utilizing RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) innovation that assisted with accomplishing increasingly productive flexibly chain framework. After the accomplishment with Marks and Spencer other British general stores actualized this innovation so as to diminish costs and improve client care (Jones, 2005). In 2012 Marks and Spencer announcedâ the new advertising arrangement that incorporated the wi-fi association all through its stores, arranging that the clients would have the option to see the full load of items on their devises which would rearrange looking for the ideal thing (Raddick, 2012). End: Imprints and Spencer is the amazing universal retailer that can amplify its future benefit accepting into thought further open doors and dangers of substitutes. Imprints and Spencer ought to consider including web based looking for its food items, as the other British food retailers like Tesco and Sainsbury’s as of now have this component that gives a major level of companies’ pay. Another path for creating organization might be growing to the Asian market which can ensure immense benefit because of the huge size of populace. One of the principle dangers brought about by financial emergency both in USA and European Union is the loss of haggling intensity of clients. Individuals think that its difficult to bear the cost of the significant expenses offered by Marks and Spencer and thusly attempt to scan for a less expensive other option. Retailer in future ought to adjust to the social changes while creating their dress line for more youthful individuals so as to fulfill this crowd.

Satire in the Great Gatsby

Is Fitzgerald composing a romantic tale that shows the American standards, or is it a parody that remarks on the American culture in the thundering twenties? The tale The Great Gatsby is a parody type novel that remarks on the American culture during the thundering twenties.This is appeared through the difference of The Valley of Ashes and Gatsby’s parties, Gatsby himself, and Myrtle and George Wilson. Through these characters and places, Fitzgerald appears through parody, how the American dream isn’t genuine any longer and how it is currently supplanted with unethical exercises and actions.The American dream has been supplanted with avarice and the quest for cash instead of satisfaction. The valley of Ashes speaks to neediness and misery. This area shows how the American dream has been debased into something exceptionally dull and sinister.This is the longing of riches at any expense and the perfect that cash will fulfill you. â€Å"This is a valley of cinders an awes ome ranch where remains develop like wheat into edges and slopes and peculiar nurseries; where remains take the types of houses and fireplaces and rising smoke†¦Ã¢â‚¬  (Pg. 26). this statement shows the effects of the cutting edge materialistic culture of New York.Everyone needs to be the rich however the poor endure a great deal due to the result of the free enterprise society. The side-effect in this novel is the cinders. This shows how individuals toss out respect for different people for the interest to be rich (This is very immoral).This is accepted to be the American dream. Then again you host McArthur 2 Extravagant gatherings at the Gatsby house just to dazzle a young lady. This is a sharp logical inconsistency which fits into Fitzgerald’s endeavor to utilize parody to demonstrate the point that the American Dream is no more. Gatsby himself is the wagers case of the pervetd new American dream. Gatsby gets his cash through bootlegging.He does what each he can to g et rich and what got him rich was unlawful and shameless exercises. â€Å"You’re one of the pack that spends time with Mayor Wolfshiem-that much I happen to know. I’ve frantic a little examination concerning your undertakings and convey it further tomorrow† (Pg. 104).This statement shows Tom blaming Gatsby for being a racketeer. Gatsby gets rich just to get Daisy. The parody indicated is that regardless of how much cash Gatsby has he is perpetually discontent and all he needs is Daisy yet Daisy won't care for him except if he is rich. This shows how the main thing Americans care about is cash and how the American dream is no longer.Myrtle and George Wilson are the less fortunate characters in the book however both need the fantasy about being extremely rich. Myrtle attempts to accomplish this by having an unsanctioned romance with Tom who is rich. She undermines George and she winds up getting hit by a vehicle driven by Daisy.This occasion shows that it is extre mely unlikely of getting away from the Valley of Ashes. George is a persevering man and simply needs to get some cash and appear to be rich. He attempts to purchase Tom’s vehicle to make sure he can have an extremely great vehicle. George represents that in present day America, you won't prevail with regards to getting rich and accomplishing the bogus American fantasy about being rich and happy.George winds up ending it all which facilitates the perfect that you won't get out the valley of cinders. This is another type of parody attempting to encourage individuals to not go with moral rot and rather live a glad non-shameless life.McArthur 3 The tale The Great Gatsby utilizes Satire to show that the American dream is dead during the thundering twenties. Fitzgerald does this through the Valley of Ashes, Gatsby’s parties, Gatsby himself, Myrtle and George Wilson. The American dream has been supplanted with avarice and the quest for cash instead of satisfaction.

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Religious Consciousness Essays - Salvation, Spirituality, Nirvana

Strict Consciousness My strict awareness is unique in relation to my standard cognizance. There are a ton of activities that a few people consider to be satisfactory and standard, be that as it may, strict individuals consider to be a wrongdoing. There are additionally sure articles, places, and seasons that a non-strict individual would consider as normal, however a some strict individuals would see as extraordinary. From a Christian perspective, a Church is a heavenly spot. It is thought of as the House of God. At the point when I go to Church on Sunday, I end up in a strict state of mind. On one more day of the week, Tuesday for instance, I probably won't consider God even once throughout the day. At the point when I go to Church I am considering how thankful I am that God cherishes me and I express gratitude toward Him for the chance to live in this superb world. At the point when I leave Church it is truly conceivable that my strict sentiments will gradually blur away. By Tuesday, I may have returned to deduction like a normal American (non-strict) fellow. It is ideal to have something at home to help me to remember the musings that I was thinking in Church on Sunday. I do have some strict things, however they are not shown in a spot where I see them consistently. Christmas is a season when I am considering God significantly more frequently. With all the embellishments around the house and the area, it's difficult to disregard Him. I know some non strict individuals who observe Christmas, yet they don't consider it a strict occasion. To them it is only an occasion to be with the family and trade blessings - they skirt all the strict thoughts behind it. There are likewise a few activities that probably won't get a qualm from a few individuals, however that I would feel remorseful doing. I would think about these activities as sins. A couple of models are lying and taking. I know a few people who may tell a lie from time to time. They imagine that no one realizes reality with the exception of them. I realize that I have had that idea enter my thoughts as well. The distinction between me what's more, a non-strict individual is the way that I consider how God realizes that it would be a falsehood. I can't stay quiet from Him, so as a rule I wouldn't lie. It is a similar route for taking. Maligning the Lord's name is another model. I realize that there are many individuals in this nation who swear. At whatever point I swore before, I would have a liable inclination. Swearing is one negative behavior pattern that I saw as truly simple to survive. I own some strict objects that I see as hallowed. The articles incorporate a Bible, a cross, and a rosary. Despite the fact that these items don't have a lot of material worth, I consider them to be significant. I treat them with more consideration than I would for an object that is worth very much of cash. The Bible is God's assertion and I treat it with a great deal of care. The cross helps me to remember how Jesus passed on the cross for me and every other person with the goal that our wrongdoings might be excused. An individual who isn't Christian may consider it only two bits of wood nailed together; an object that they would toss in the rubbish. Individuals can make any object or spot uncommon in a moment. In the event that I didn't have a cross, I could remove a cross an old cardboard box and attach it to my divider. Presently I would have a cross that I could appeal to. The aesthetic structure isn't significant. I can see the entirety of the work of art and wonderful pictures in my creative mind when I am considering God. To become nearer to God, I don't have to purchase a great deal of costly strict enrichments. Only one cross or image of Jesus is all that is important. When I see that, it will initiate my creative mind and I will begin to think decent musings about God, and He will wrap up. Segment Three, #7 Indian and Christian religions have various objectives. The objective of Christian religions is to go to Heaven. The objective of Indian religions like Buddhism and Hinduism is to accomplish Nirvana. Paradise is a spot. Nirvana is a perspective. The word Nirvana originates from the root importance ?to blow

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How to Study for Your Psychology Classes

How to Study for Your Psychology Classes Student Resources Study Guides and Tips Print How to Study for Your Psychology Classes By Kendra Cherry facebook twitter Kendra Cherry, MS, is an author, educational consultant, and speaker focused on helping students learn about psychology. Learn about our editorial policy Kendra Cherry Updated on February 19, 2020 Tom Merton / Getty Images More in Student Resources Study Guides and Tips APA Style and Writing Careers Studying psychology is different than studying for other college classes such as math and history. You can still use your tried-and-true study strategies, there are also some techniques you can try that are more specific to helping you succeed in your psychology class. Make the Most of the Class Lectures Students sometimes use class time as an opportunity to daydream or nap, but not paying attention in lectures can be perilous to your grade. Even if you feel you get by without going to lectures, ask yourself if youre really getting the most out of your education by doing so. The information you learn in lectures will serve as the basis for more advanced classes. Building a solid understanding now is vital to your success in school. Active listening is a learning strategy that involves focusing on what the speaker is saying, paying attention to nonverbal signals, and asking questions. To get the most out of your lectures, always read the assigned chapters before class. As you read, make note of the questions you may have. If your questions remain unresolved when the lecture is over, ask your instructor for clarification. Why You Should Never Skip Your Psych Class Take Good Psychology Notes Whether in a traditional classroom setting or in an online course, no matter how your class is structured, you should always take high-quality psychology notes. The simple act of writing things down helps cement the information in your memory, but it also has the advantage of giving you something to refer back to. In addition to having good note-taking skills, you should also spend some time every week reviewing your class notes. Spend 10 to 15 minutes before class reading through the previous days notes, then spend another 10 to 15 minutes after class reviewing the notes youve just taken. These brief study and review sessions will help you retain information better because it periodically refreshes the material in your memory. The Best Study Tips for Psychology Students Teach the Information to a Classmate One of the best ways to learn is to teach! You need to have a good understanding of a concept to effectively relay it to someone else. Try pairing up with another student to practice explaining psychological theories to each other. Explaining a complex theory or recalling important people or events in the history of psychology to someone else gives you the opportunity to relate information in your own words. When its your partners turn to teach, youll get a new perspective on the information when you hear how they explain it. Skills Every Psych Major Needs Consider forming a study group with your fellow classmates. Each week, assign a certain topic or section to each member of the group. When you get together, take turns teaching about each of the concepts, reviewing the material, and discussing any questions that come up. Compare and Contrast Theories and Concepts Studying psychology involves more than just reading and memorizing facts. Its important that you feel comfortable comparing and contrasting theories as well as think about how these concepts relate to real life. As you learn about different topics in psychology, compare the new material to what you have previously learned. For example, create a chart outlining the differences between the branches of psychology or exploring similarities between personality theories. Finally, by relating the information you learn to real examples in your own life, you will find that it is much easier to understand and remember come test time. 5 Test-Taking Strategies for Psychology Exams

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The 7 Keys to Reading Comprehension

Normal 0 1. Using background knowledge (schema) Proficient readers recall their relevant background knowledge before, during and after they read. Proficient readers assimilate information from texts they read and learning experiences they have into their background knowledge and make changes in it to accommodate new information. Proficient readers adapt their background knowledge all the time, deleting some information, adding to schema, connecting to other knowledge. Proficient readers use background knowledge to make: Text-to-self, Text-to-text, Text-to-world connections to help them link information to prior knowledge and store information in long-term memory. 2. Creating Mental Images Proficient readers create mental images during and after reading. The images come from all five senses, as well as emotions, and are anchored in the reader's background knowledge. Proficient readers use images to immerse themselves in rich detail of the text. The detail engages the reader more deeply with depth and dimension, making the text more memorable. Proficient readers use mental images to draw conclusions, to create distinct interpretations of the text, and to recall details. Images from readers' personal experience frequently become part of their comprehension. Proficient readers adapt their images as they read. Images are revised to incorporate new information and images are modified in response to images other readers share. 3. Questioning Proficient readers generate questions before, during and after reading. Proficient readers ask questions to; clarify meaning, speculate, determine intent, determine content. Proficient readers understand that many of their questions are not answered in the text but left up to their interpretation. When an answer is needed, proficient readers determine whether it can be answered by the text, whether the answer will need to be inferred from the text and their background knowledge, or whether they will need to seek the answer somewhere else. Proficient readers understand how questioning is used in other areas of their lives. Proficient readers are aware that as they hear others' questions, new ones are inspired in their own minds. 4. Inferring When proficient readers infer, they create a meaning that is not stated explicitly in the text. Inferring is the process of creating a personal meaning form text. The reader combines what is read with relevant prior knowledge (schema). Inferring may cause the reader to slow down, reread sections, talk, write or draw to better understand the content. Teachers should allow great latitude for inferences as long as the reader can support the inference with specific text and prior knowledge. When proficient readers infer, they: draw conclusions, make predictions, create interpretations, answer questions as they read, make connections, make judgments about what they read. 5. Determining Importance The readers schema - - ideas connected to the reader's background knowledge will be considered most important. The reader's purpose. The reader's beliefs, opinions and experiences. The reader's knowledge of text format, particularly of non-fiction texts (titles, headings, subheadings, graphs, pictures) give clues about what is important. Students should be able to articulate how they make decisions about what is important and how those decisions enhance their comprehension. Pointing out what is not't important can help students distinguish importance more clearly. Interesting discussions spring from disagreement about what is most important. Children need to work to defend their positions, but there is rarely a true set of most important ideas. 6. Synthesizing (is based on) Answers the question, what does this really mean to you? A synthesis is the sum of information from the text, other relevant texts and the reader's background knowledge, ideas, and opinions produced in an original way. Proficient readers use synthesis to share, recommend, and review books they have read. Proficient readers monitor the overall meaning and themes in the text as they read and are aware of the ways text elements "fit together" to create that overall meaning. Proficient readers pay attention to character, setting, conflict, sequence of events, and to text patterns and use their knowledge of these elements to make decisions about the overall meaning of the text. 7. Monitoring for meaning ("fix-up strategies") Proficient readers monitor their comprehension during reading. They know when the text they are reading does not't make sense. Proficient readers identify difficulties they have in comprehending at the word, sentence, and whole text level. They are flexible in their use of strategies to solve their comprehension problems. They monitor, evaluate and make revisions to their evolving interpretation of the text while reading. Proficient readers can identify confusing ideas, themes, and/or surface elements and can suggest different means to solve the problems they have. Possible "Fix-Ups" Go back and reread. Often. Read ahead to clarify meaning. Identify where it is that is not't understood: word, sentence, concept. If it is a word, read beyond it and see if its meaning is cleared later in the text; think about the content and predict what word might make sense. If it is a sentence in a picture book, look at the pictures and think about what has happened so far; then reread and read ahead. If still confused, talk with a friend, parent or teacher about it. If it is a concept, try to summarize the story up to confusing part. See if that clears up confusion. It may be necessary to build more background knowledge. That means going to an encyclopedia, the Internet, or having a conversation with someone who knows about the topic. Source: Susan Zimmerman, co-author of Mosaic of Thought:The Power of Comprehension Strategy Instruction, Second Edition. Portsmouth, NH:Heinemann Publishing, 2007. Normal 0